Trinity Multistate Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd.

Head Office
C-2,1st Floor Balaji Complex,
Sector-2, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow-226022
Contact No.

1800 3070 5454 (Tollfree)




SR. No. Monthly Mode of Amount Tenure of Months Principal of Amount Interest of Amount Maturity of Amount Secured Loan
After 18 Months After 24 Months After 48 Months
1. 500 (AA) 21 10,500 904 11,404 NIL NIL NIL
2. 300 (AB) 30 9,000 1,251 10,251 50% NIL NIL
3. 200 (AC) 42 8,400 1,865 10,265 50% 75% NIL
4. 100 (AD) 60 6,000 2,222 8,222 50% 75% 75%


  • Members are entitled for accidental death help upon completion of one third (1/3) of the period of deposit.
    The accidental death help** would be equivalent to the amount of uncompleted period of the deposit along with applicable interest there on in addition to the matured amount.
    ** Condition is applicable, when deposits have been received regularly without any default, only in case of accidental death and upon production of necessary documents and preliminary scrutiny report of the society. Society shall not accept any accidental death help claim after the maturity of the deposit or when the deposit has been premature.
  • Members are entitled to take loan to the extent of amount percentage as specified in the table above.
  • Member would be allotted a pass book against his recurring deposit and is bind by the terms and conditions mentioned therein.
  • Any addition would be in multiple of Rs 100.
  • Loan secured against deposit shall be provided at an interest rate of 1.40% compounded per month.